Approvn' The Blues (Louie)
15.2 Hand Smoky Cream AQHA Stallion 
2013 Breed Fee: $1500.00  
No collection fee for first shipment
Live dilute color foal guarantee

Producing beautiful palomino, buckskin, grulla and smoky babies.

Louie is a stunning pearl color stallion with gold mane, tail and dorsal stripe.
His disposition is cheerful, inquisitive and good natured. He is a character and is quite the charmer.  His babies are beautiful, intelligent and loving.  Trainers comment on how great the youngsters are to work with.

Genetic testing by UCD: CcrCcr, Ee, aa. Translation:
He is a double dilution, smoky cream and will 100%, dilute the color of the foal.  He has a red and a black gene so he can produce both palomino and buckskin foals.  His agouti is "a" so he can produce smoky foals.


IAHA nominated stallion.  Breeding to AQHA, APHA, Thoroughbred, Lusitano, Andalusian, and Arabian mares.

Foals by Approvn' The Blues
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